Vitamins are Like Engine Oil

Scott W. Tunis MD FACS |

You are supposed to operate your engine with the oil level on the FULL mark. If your engine oil is a little low, you won’t even know it. Your car will start up. There’s no warning light. You drive to the grocery store just fine.

But if you take that car to a race track and push it to its limits, that’s a different story. It will run rough. It will run slow. Eventually, if it’s a long race, it will just quit.

If your body is a little low on essential vitamins, you probably won’t feel that either. Off to work you go every morning. You feel fine.

What about during the last 3 miles of a long run? Or at the end of a marathon? You already know what that feels like. Do you think your performance will be affected if you are deficient in essential vitamins? Too late to drink vitamin water, that’s for sure.

You’ve trained for months, you’ve sweat blood and tears, and you’ve sacrificed time with family and friends all to be a runner. Does your metabolic engine have 100% of what it needs to function at its best?

You cannot store most essential vitamins in your body more than 24 hours. Like food, you must consume 100% of essential vitamins every day.

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Written by Runners Daily Vitamin

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