4 Experts on the Benefits of Turmeric

Sarah Regan 

Incorporating more turmeric into your well-being routine can offer you a host of benefits, promoting joint health, brain health, and so much more.

This ancient Ayurvedic root, which is a cousin to ginger, is native to Southeast Asia and sometimes called "Indian saffron" because of its beautiful golden color. It also gives curry powder (and just about any other food it's added to) its yellow pigment.


Here's four health experts on the benefits of turmeric.

1.  Turmeric as a daily herbal supplement

"The ancient turmeric root is a spice of paramount importance. Thanks to its powerful antioxidant properties and potential for whole-body healing benefits, turmeric is for many people an important daily herbal supplement."

- Avanti Kumar-Singh, M.D., Physician & Ayurvedic medicine expert

 I entrust my muscles, joints, and whole-body resilience with turmeric.

"Musculoskeletal health is something I prioritize daily, and herbal powerhouse turmeric root is one of my top tools. Muscle and joint health is pivotal for optimizing performance and longevity. With clinical trials demonstrating 10X higher bioavailability, targeted support for a healthy inflammatory response, and improvements in muscle strength and exercise recovery—I entrust my muscles, joints, and whole-body resilience with a turmeric supplement."

Kien Vuu, M.D., The Performance and Longevity Doc & bestselling author

3. Turmeric supports balanced immunity and a calmer body and mind.

"Inflammatory processes in the body are an underappreciated and significant contributor to mental health issues. As it turns out, turmeric is one of the best ways to recalibrate a dysregulated immune system, supporting balanced immunity and a calmer body and mind."

Ellen Vora, M.D., psychiatrist, acupuncturist & bestselling autho

4. Turmeric root extract clinically shown to raise blood curcuminoid levels.

"For myself and my clients, turmeric is one of my favorite herbs for whole-body health, supporting the brain, gut, muscles, joints, skin, heart, and so much more! For me, turmeric excels over others based on how turmeric root extract has clinically shown to raise blood curcuminoid levels, meaning that you will actually see and feel the benefits of this potent herb."

Brooke Scheller, M.S., DCN, CNS, doctor of clinical nutrition

The takeaway

Whether you want to support your skin, gut, joints, or a little bit of everything, turmeric can help you do so.  When a supplement includes this hero spice, it's essential to find it in the most absorbable form possible. With Runners Essentials Daily Vitamin Formula, you're sure to get a potent and highly bioavailable form of this amazing plant so you can enjoy all its benefits. Learn more about the supplement below.

Written by Runners Essentials

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