How do you stay consistent with taking Runners Essentials Vitamins?
Diana L. Davis, RD 

As an endurance athlete, it is very likely that you do a lot of things with consistency and intention:
  • running the miles 
  • doing the workouts 
  • communicating with coach or teammates
  • having the right equipment: watch, shoes, attire
  • and the list goes on...
Unfortunately, many athletes miss the mark with consistency around their nutrition. They either eat too little (because of a "diet" mindset) in fear of weight gain, or eat too many of the wrong foods trying to balance training, appetite, and weight.

These athletes will truly benefit from enhanced nutrition support by taking an endurance specific daily vitamin such as Runners Essentials Daily Vitamin Formula, but only if they are consistently taking the vitamins. 

So how do you become a "consistent vitamin taker" rather than a sporadic "on-again/off-again vitamin taker?"
  • make nutrition an integral part of training every day
  • prioritize nutrition support by taking Runners Essentials Daily Vitamin Formula every day
  • link taking your vitamins with another deeply ingrained daily routine (brushing your teeth, making your coffee)
  • use a daily pill box like the one I use and posted in the photo here
  • travel with your pill box in your carry on bag or purse
  • set an alarm or daily reminder on your phone to secure your vitamin time
  • enroll in the Runners Essentials auto delivery subscription to save money and make sure you never run out
Pictured here, I am on an early morning flight from RDU to Anchorage, Alaska for a fun vacation. I was a little over a month out from my Fall half marathon @tunnelmarathons on 9/10/23 and I wanted to stay dialed in on my nutrition plan. Taking my Runners Essentials vitamins every day is part of that plan. Need more information? Check out the website or reach out to me @diana.davis.rd or @iamwithoutlimits.
A Synergy of Science, Athletics and Nutrition

Uncompromised in quality, content and purpose. Essential vitamins, powerful antioxidants, and energy-producing adaptogens combined in a single daily proprietary formula. Physician, Elite Athlete and Nutritionist formulated and based on real science. 

Non GMO and Gluten Free. BSCG Certified Drug Free®.

Written by Runners Essentials by Without Limits®

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